ONE WATCHER is an atmospheric action platformer combining the best of platforming to an intense and challenging experience. The game is set in a world which is controlled by the watcher and split by his forces into light and darkness.

The story is told in cinematic cutscenes and the game consists of four chapters. Each plays in a different location and features a unique design and atmosphere.

One Watcher will be released on PC 2015. Please vote for us on STEAM GREENLIGHT!

CHRISTIAN HAMM is the developer of ONE WATCHER, doing programming and design as well as creating the games content.

mail: christian.hamm08@gmail.com

XAVER HETZENEGGER is involved in the concept development and supports different kinds of creative tasks like the story, style and atmosphere.
He studies history and information processing at the University of Cologne (Germany).

mail: nc-hetzenfr@netcologne.de